Help Kim

If you have some time and/or skills and are interested in helping out with the campaign please contact

Of course if you are in the Ginninderra electorate then one thing you can do is vote for me on 15 October and encourage others to do likewise. On the ballot paper, look for me in the margins with the other independents.

Because it can be very difficult for many people to raise politics with friends and associates, here’s some customisable icebreakers to help you spread the word about Kimbo.

Think Bub Blank

  1. You know, that guy Kim Huynh is not as big a loser as you think.
  2. I’ve listened to him on the radio lots of times. He’s a bit fumbling, but very thoughtful. Kim’s won over my heart and mind. So I’m going to put a “1” next to his name on election day. You should do the same!
  3. I was in his class at the ANU. Because Kim was so eager to ask questions, I too was eager to ask questions. Because he was passionate about the life of the mind and the community around us, I was also passionate about those things. He took values and virtue seriously, now I take values and virtue seriously. Kim’s classes had heaps of people in them, but somehow he was always there for us. He challenged students to ask not what our education can do for us, but what we can do for our education.
  4. I’ve read a fair few of his articles. I don’t agree with everything he says, but I respect his arguments if only because he respects others. I can’t think of anyone better to vote for.
  5. I often encountered him working in his family’s bakery when he was younger. He was a nice chap. I remember seeing him read books when it was quiet or running around the oval when he had a break.