Tram Trivia

September 17, 2016|Posted in: Campaign Diary

We’ve received a great deal of feedback and questions about our transportation and planning articles. Here’s three of the most frequent ones with our responses.

Q: Are you really impartial?
A: Tom started off almost entirely disinterested when it came to issue of light rail. Kim was slightly in favour. Now we are against it. Tom has a much longer and sophisticated response to this question being something of an expert when it comes to epistemology, confirmation bias, objectivity etc…

Q: Have you stolen the Liberal Party’s transportation policy?
A: They are not promoting free buses or bike highways and have not provided as much detail as we have when it comes to autonomous cars or the relationship between public transport and land value. We have tried to be non-partisan and let the evidence determine our position.

Q: Who will you put into power if you hold the balance of power?
A: That’s a great question.