The Liberal opposition leader was right when he asserted that a bad smell hangs over the ACT Labor government when it comes to planning and infrastructure. However, there’s little to suggest that a Liberal government would smell any better. For a breath of fresh air, vote independent.

It is only through transparency and community consultation that we can build a Canberra that puts Canberrans first.

Belconnen is at a critical stage in its history with the town centre about to be redeveloped, Western suburban expansion and serious concerns about urban renewal everywhere else. Here’s what I am committed to when it comes to planning and infrastructure.

  • No more dodgy development deals.
  • Broad-based decision-making.
  • More and better playgrounds and public spaces to bring the community together.
  • A wider range and greater number of cafes and pubs. For too long Belconnen has been a nigh wasteland after 5pm. Let’s bring Braddon to Belco, and make it even better.
  • Completion and improvement of bike paths and the creation of bike highways.
  • I’m pro responsible economic management, evidence-based policy and environmental sustainability, so I’m against light rail. For more details check out this RiotACT article that I co-authored with Tom Chen.
  • Free express off-peak buses between town centres with a view to making them free full-stop.
  • Moving towards an autonomous car future.

When we reach Belco100 I want to look back and say that the second fifty years was even better than the first.