Kim’s Team


Kim Huynh (Candidate)

Here is a list of what Kim’s done along with a considered (self) assessment of how he’s performed.

1988-2001: Worked in and helped run the family bakery (B+)

1993 and 1995: Daramalan High School Captain (B) and College Captain (C)

1996-1999: ANU Arts/Law undergraduate (A)

1999: Worked in the Africa and South Asia Section of AusAID (B)

2000-2004: ANU PhD in international relations (B+)

2004-2016 ANU lecturer in politics and international relations (A)

2005-2016: Various volunteer roles at Belconnen Tennis Club, current vice-president (B)

2007-2016: Author and commentator (B)

2011-2012 (based in Hanoi): Sticky rice seller, novelist, business consultant, tennis player, ball boy, editor and translator, lecturer, student and a few other things (overall D, but the experience was A+)

2012-2013: At home father (B+)

2016: Candidate in the ACT election for Ginninderra (TBA)


The common perception of the campaign team is that we are hyper-connected, savvy beyond our years, dedicated to both doing things right and fighting what’s wrong. That perception is spot on.


Tom Chen (Campaign Manager)

Tom works as a research assistant at the ANU with expertise in economics and international relations. Tom is suspicious of easy answers and people who peddle them. He sees the world as complex, a little nasty, and in desperate need of both unconventional wisdom and time-honoured virtues. Tom has a passion for fusion cooking.



Ciara O’Brien (Design Manager)

Ciara was born and raised in Canberra, attending school in Belconnen. As a teenager she hung out at the mall and the skate park.

She’s about to complete a degree in Visual Art and International Relations at the ANU. After spending a semester abroad in London and travelling to Ireland, Greece and Turkey, she’s happy to be home but also eager to help Canberra be a cool little city.

Ciara aims to one day place her life and achievements alongside designer Florence Broadhurst’s and say, ‘Florence did well, but what I’ve done is more vivid, dramatic and avant-garde.’



Duncan Stuart (Public Relations)

What You See is What You Get people. Philosophy honours student (tick). Physics degree (yep). Punk rocker and music man (no doubt). Writer for Woroni and Cross-Sections and writer/sub-editor of the Canberra-based journal Demos (it’s all on the internet). Duncan is not sure whether he likes Kim, but is keeping an open mind.



Sumithri Venketasubramanian (Social Media)

Sumi arrived in Canberra this year after advocating for women’s rights in Singapore where she is from. She’s committed to fighting the good fight in her new city, with a particular focus on empowering youth. Canberra feels familiar to Sumi. It’s got something to do with the order, the cleanliness, and the sense that while many people are doing well, many others are falling behind and being left out.



Nicky Lovegrove (Public Relations)

Nicky is a Canberra local in the final stretch of an Arts and Asia Pacific Studies degree at the ANU.

His favourite parts of Canberra are the cycle loop around West Basin, Namadgi’s walking tracks, and the traffic lights on Wattle Street Lyneham that turn green within 2 seconds of hitting the button.

He has a deep interest in politics and international affairs, and finds that reading online news comments makes him lose a little faith in humanity every day. He hopes this engagement with local politics will restore that faith.

One word to describe Nicky: steadfast.