‘Thank You’ Ride

October 18, 2016|Posted in: Campaign Diary

Today I went on a final thank you ride. It was a windy but wonderful affair with lots of honking and hooting. As I pedaled up the hill that marks the transition from Barry Drive to Belconnen Way for the last time, I’m not ashamed to say that I shed a few tears.

Along with all the people who’ve put up with me on the road, I want to thank my trusty 15-year-old black bike. I haven’t cared for it all that well of late and yet it has taken care of me. Throughout all of this, I’ve never had a flat, never dropped a chain and hardly skipped a gear.

My son’s trailer bike has also performed admirably. Tomorrow, the flagpole goes out out for good, the seat goes back in and Kimbo Jnr and I are off to John Knight Memorial Park.

I also popped in to ABC 666 radio for a little chat about the #GoKimbo2016 campaign. My radio skills need a lot of work, but for any tragics who want to listen I think you can hear how stoked I am about what we’ve achieved.


Next week my fortnightly “Human Nature” segment resumes on ABC 666. I think I’m going to discuss getting tattoos.

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