Kimbo’s heroic dad

Dad was out getting the campaign trailer ready in the freezing cold as I sat inside eating porridge and updating facebook. I’m not ashamed to say that he has invested more grunt in this campaign than I have. Someday I hope my kid can look at me in the same admiring way that I look at Dad.

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The Last Schnitzel Supper

The Final Schnitzel Cabinet… was marked by a heated debate over whether or not we should staple the campaign flyers to the how-to-vote cards. I was in the non-aligned faction, but we were all eventually rolled by the the die hard no-staplers.


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Belco’s Batman at Ride2Work extravaganza trying out the new bus racks in campaign colours


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Super Mum

Here’s #GoKimbo2016‘s Mum up early distributing balloons at Jamo markets and then staying up late to sew my Belco’s Batman suit. So much gratitude and respect to her. She can do anything my Mum she can.

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Canberra’s Knight is darkest before the election dawns

Please don’t try this at home people. My cape got stuck in the rear wheel not long after this picture was taken. No accident, but the big skid ruined my tire.


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YES I CAN! Why Kimbo is the greatest politician in the world

I’ve always had doubts about whether I could do this. Indeed, I kicked off the campaign with an article entitled, ‘No I can’t!’ (see below). Through the ups and downs those doubts have always been there; that is, until now.

Cue my brief account of struggle and overcoming…

The other day I was having some quiet time while my son enjoyed the pod playground at the arboretum.

Then I heard him crying. He was stuck and distressed. I called for him to come down. For some reason he couldn’t move forward and there were dozens of kids blocking his retreat.

‘Dada, Dada, Dada!’

I climbed up, pushing my way past and apologising to all the disgruntled children. I smelt it before I saw it. Kimbo Jnr had thrown up his egg and bacon roll among other things. He felt better having chundered, but was still suffering.

There were eight or nine other children in the pod who, to their credit, were not chastising Kimbo Jnr. The kids behind us who had no idea of what was going on were neither happy nor silent. The parents below us started calling out to their children to see if they were okay. I yelled out that there had been an accident and that I would take care of it.

My first thought was to get some napkins, but that would take too long. I asked if anyone had a hanky or some tissues. Nothing.

It so happened that I was wearing my #GoKimbo2016 vest as I had just been out riding, but I couldn’t afford to stain it any further and it was too flimsy to mop up the mess anyway.

I apologised to everyone in the pod and informed them that, ‘It’s gonna get uglier and smellier before it gets better.’ So I removed my vest and then my favourite orange top which I used to collect all the chunky chunks, slimy slime, and runny runs. The kids helpfully pointed out every last spot of spew.

With my vest back on there was a great deal of debate in the pod over how I should exit so as to minimize the vomit leakage.

‘Tie up the arms in a knot so it’s like a bag’, a girl suggested. And that’s exactly what I did.

After that Kimbo Jnr and I went down the winding slide together, emerging clean and confident. He ran off to have another go without saying a word. But for an instant I’m sure he thought that his old man could do anything.

So what did I learn about #GoKimbo2016 /myself? That I’m inclined towards sacrifice; that I can think on my feet and perform under pressure; that I can bring together different constituencies to achieve a mutually beneficial outcome; and FINALLY, that I can clear up Canberra’s congestion problems for far less than $1.78 billion.

Maybe as parents, carers and people we have these sort of victories all of the time. And maybe that just means that everyone has the potential to be the greatest politician in the world.

Farewell orange shirt. I head into the final week of the campaign after chucking you and my last remaining doubts in the bin.


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Second last Schnitzel Cabinet

#GoKimbo2016 welcomes Security Manager Mr Alex Merrick (to the far right of the picture and ideological spectrum). This photo reminds me of the Joy Luck Club, except that a) no-one is playing mahjong and b) there were no harrowing tales of feminine suffering and grandeur.


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How do I vote Kimbo?

I’m getting this question quite a lot now. It makes me uncomfortable because I prefer that people make informed individual decisions.

But if you ask me, ‘Go independent!’ There are no independents in the ACT Legislative Assembly at the moment, which is terrible in terms of accountability.

Moreover, it’ll only get harder for us indies because the major parties have made sure that they will get four times more public funding than they did in 2012. At the same time they’ve removed the limit on private donations. So there’s going to be a whole lot more party signs, ads and stooges in 2020, unless an independent can do something about it.

There’s good reason if you’re in Ginninderra (and probably in the other electorates) to stick to the right hand margin and exhaust your votes with the “Ungrouped” independents. If you think the major parties need a wake up call or a bit of a bloody nose, then this is the best way to do it.

For more details, see my article below on ‘Why independents will struggle’.…/why-independents-will-struggle-in-t…

Put a “1” next to “Kim Huynh”.


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Running and Political Authenticity

Here are the 13th (Nicky Lovegrove), 17th (Kate Harrison) and 25th (#GoKimbo2016) placed finishers in this week’s Ginninderra Parkrun. While I was chasing Nicky and Kate I thought about political authenticity.

Here’s the worst thing that can be said about #GoKimbo2016 in this regard: He’s not a real Parkrunner. He’s just trying to get votes. He’s shamelessly roped in a high school mate (Kate) and his public relations manager (Nicky) for a photo opportunity in the hope that people think, ‘Look at that nice yellow fellow in yellow, connecting with the community. Maybe I”ll put a “1” next to his name on 15 October.’

Here’s a more positive assessment of my authenticity: Kimbo has been been doing Parkruns since 2014 (previously with my son under the name of ‘Canberra’s Dynamic Duo’). I took a break to sooth my joints and ride my bike. Campaigning gave me extra reason to start doing the Ginninderra parkrun again. I much prefer running shoulder-to-shoulder with people and cycling beside them than confronting them at shopping centres (which I don’t do often).

Mmm, I suppose I should keep participating in and enjoying parkruns after the election and volunteer once in a while. And for now maybe I should take Nicky’s advice, ‘Just shut up and run Kimbo! Shut up and run!’


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Vote for meme: Canberra Liberals jacking Kimbo’s swag?

It seems #CanberraLiberals have adopted the #GoKimbo2016 colour scheme. This is a great move if it’s motivated by love and respect. My concern is that it’s driven by fear and anger and that they haven’t quite come around to accepting all aspects of the Go Kimbo policy platform (there’s still time).

Careful you must be #CanberraLiberals “Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”

Here’s my first ever meme which I’m proud to share with deputy leader of the Canberra Liberals Alistair Coe.

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