‘Thank You’ Ride

Today I went on a final thank you ride. It was a windy but wonderful affair with lots of honking and hooting. As I pedaled up the hill that marks the transition from Barry Drive to Belconnen Way for the last time, I’m not ashamed to say that I shed a few tears.

Along with all the people who’ve put up with me on the road, I want to thank my trusty 15-year-old black bike. I haven’t cared for it all that well of late and yet it has taken care of me. Throughout all of this, I’ve never had a flat, never dropped a chain and hardly skipped a gear.

My son’s trailer bike has also performed admirably. Tomorrow, the flagpole goes out out for good, the seat goes back in and Kimbo Jnr and I are off to John Knight Memorial Park.

I also popped in to ABC 666 radio for a little chat about the #GoKimbo2016 campaign. My radio skills need a lot of work, but for any tragics who want to listen I think you can hear how stoked I am about what we’ve achieved.


Next week my fortnightly “Human Nature” segment resumes on ABC 666. I think I’m going to discuss getting tattoos.

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Kimbo’s election summary

I haven’t had the energy to look into the results yet (been busy taking down signs), but here’s what I have to say about the election for now.

I’m grateful for and ecstatic about the #GoKimbo2016 vote. At this stage, we’ve done the best out of the minor parties and independents throughout Canberra.

Importantly, it looks like we are going to make the public funding threshold of 4% which means that we’ll be giving a big cheque to a local charity. Go Kimbo and Canberra 2016! More details to come.

I’ll thank everyone in the team personally and privately, but want to send out a big ‘THANKYOU’ to the GoKimbo2016 Facebookers around the world. I had hardly ever used FB before July, but have come to appreciate it for the following reasons.

  1. When I was down I could flick on my phone and see all the words and clicks of encouragement.
  2. I’m not sure how to understand our FB reach, but reckon that the quality of engagement has been very high. There’s been plenty of critical questions and comments, which have improved my understanding of all manner of issues. Many of your comments suggest that you are funny fu#kers, which I like very much.
  3. I know it has less admirable elements, but through FB we’ve been able to connect with people in and beyond Belco despite our relatively meagre resources. I think that there’s a lot to say for it as a democratic medium.

Facebookers may not know that we started campaigning later than just about anyone. We’ve run in what is often regarded as the toughest ACT electorate given the number and quality of candidates.

We’ve never asked anyone for favours or money.

I’m not ashamed to say that we had no local politics experience whatsoever, which is why we were not hampered by rules or conventions. Every day was new.

We have entirely rejected the sort of scheming, calculating and cowardly politics that relies on fear, ignorance and inertia for votes.

We had a positive, not just protest agenda, with detailed and well-researched policies relating to issues that matter.

#GoKimbo2016 tried to give people something to think about about, something to smile about and something to believe in.

And after less than two months of joyous effort, around 5 out of 100 people in our electorate put a “1” next to “Kim Huynh”. How good is that?

And how good is this? Look at this picture of the #GoKimbo2016 campaign team at the stellar election party (thanks Yvonne Carter, Mum, Nanna, Thuong and BTC).

The stupid pose is mine as always. I’m feeling and appear as tired as hell. But look at Ciara O’Brien, Duncan Stuart, Tom Chen, Nicky Lovegrove and Sumithri Venketasubramanian! Look at their eyes and behold their creativity, daring and smarts.

#GoKimbo2016 is the just the start of wildy better things to come. K


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TAKE ACTION by Richard Scutter

Note from Kimbo: I’m uncomfortable having Richard Scutter on board as the #GoKimbo2016 campaign poet. It really isn’t fair on the other candidates.


Labour might extend their 14 years in office … but before this happens … give them a wake-up call and vote for the INDEPENDENTS first …


KIMBO is INDEPENDENT in the true sense … he has funded his campaign with his own money … he will give half his salary to charity … he is not tied down by party in-fighting


KIMBO has demonstrated in his own very personal way that the best CLEAN and wonderful transport system is his own legs … I have not seen any other candidate willing to personally sweat it out in what they believe in!


In the many tiresome weeks of the election campaign KIMBO has fought OBESITY independent of money … he has shown our children that the best transport system under the sun is our own two legs … he has shown how wonderful it is to experience the fresh air of Canberra.


Do get out and enjoy the day … in the true sense of a unified Canberra … no matter what your political ties … it does not matter … just get out and say THANK YOU … thank you that you have FREEDOM … thank you that you live in Canberra.

– Richard Scutter


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Will Kimbo Win?

I had the honour of doing a talk at the Calvary Retirement Village in Bruce and was asked the question that I fear most, ‘Will you win?’

My answer is the same answer that a local Aboriginal gave to an early white explorer: ‘Belconen’, which means, ‘I don’t know’. The land took on the name in 1837 when I assume another ‘n’ was added.


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A Final Sign

I was honoured to erect the final sign(s) of the campaign with my best mate Chris Webb before printing some flyers, attending a pre-polling booth and having a beer. We agreed that it was probably not the strangest day that we’ve spent together in the last quarter century, but it was certainly one of the best. GoChriso!

P.S. To anyone who’s nicked one of my signs (especially the torso ones which have proven to be very popular), please consider giving $20 to a local charity and cleansing your soul. I don’t want the signs back unless you can prove that they have not been sullied.


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Tom Chen’s Indignity

GoKimbo2016 campaign manager Tom Chen has been through a lot. This is the last indignity that he has to suffer, at least for today. Voters in Belco will have a chance to put their heads where Tom’s is as of tomorrow morning. GoTomChen!


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The Last Ride

The last ride was with big brother Thach Huynh. My whole life he’s taken the lead, making things a little easier for me to come through. This morning he sped off down Belconnen Way and left me puffing. What an arsehole.

Tomorrow he rides from 8am until 5pm on the #GoKimbo2016 bicycle so that I can hang out at polling booths. Say “Go Taco!” if you see him. What a brother.


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Kimbo at the splendid Asia Bookroom discussing Vietnamese ontology, art, revolutionary warfare and the ACT election

From what I hear, my event easily beat the Barr vs Hanson debate in terms of intellectual vibrancy, cultural richness, and free snacks and drinks. Thanks and heaps of respect to Sally and co at the Asia Bookroom.


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Kimbo on air!

Kim with Songfa Liu on Canberra Multicultural Service 91.1 morning Mandarin radio. We had a splendid chat about the election, ACT politics, the bamboo ceiling (replace ‘bamboo’ with ‘glass’ and you’ll know what I’m talking about) and the South China Sea. The last topic we discussed off air.


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A Run in the Park

#GoKimbo2016 welcomes the super fast Felicity, Jake and Campaign Poet Richard Scutter to the Ginninderra parkrun. Go Kimbo balloons have been seen sprouting up everywhere.

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