This selection of articles relate to my policy platform and highlight my appreciation of everyday life and affection for everyday people.

Politics and Planning

Why we need to tackle poker machines, The RiotACT.

With Tom Chen, do-we-pay-the-highest-rates-in-australia-2
(full version of the RiotACT article with details on methodology at the end)

The science and art of election signs, The RiotACT.

Why independents will struggle in the ACT election, Fairfax Media.

With Tom Chen (lead author), Development plans, trams and autonomous mobiles, The RiotACT.

With Tom Chen (lead author), The best arguments for light rail just aren’t very good, The RiotACT.
(judged to be the best post on The RiotACT in 2016 – our rates article above came in at number 10)

No I can’t! The pressure of independent politics, The RiotACT.

Inclusion and Exclusion

Singapore and Canberra are not all that far apart, The RiotACT,
by social media manager Sumithri Venketasubramanian

The wisdom and virtue of living in Canberra, The Canberra Times.

Different strokes for Vietnamese folks:
On swimming, refugees and patriotism, SBS.

Why deaf people are ‘In your face!’, SMH.

Multiculturalism a la carte, SMH.

Bogans: Why they have risen
and are looked down upon, The RiotACT.

My Refugeeness, Eureka Street.



Arts and Culture

With Ciara O’Brien, How can Canberra be cool?, Fairfax Press.

The life and death of the hipster generation, SMH.

Canberra’s karaoke cultures:
Where, why and how do we perform?, The RiotACT.

Canberra’s taverns: Give your local a go!, The RiotACT.

Canberra’s queuing culture:
How do we line up?, The RiotACT.

Sports and Recreation

Why Canberra should lead the world when it comes to women’s sport, The Canberra Times.

Rio 2016: The best Olympics ever! The RiotACT.

The infinite value of tennis, SMH.

Why going to the gym is a struggle, The RiotACT.

Why I will never watch the Tour de France again, The RiotACT.

Pest or indigenous species, the mamil abounds, SMH.

Strava: The fitness app that drives us crazy, The RiotACT.

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