Kim’s Message

Canberra has been very good to me.

My family arrived as Vietnamese refugees in 1979. We’ve been here ever since.

For the last decade I’ve taught politics to thousands of students at the ANU, attended community events, volunteered with local clubs, appeared in the media and written articles for newspapers.

It’s time to do more.

So I’m standing as a candidate for Ginninderra in the ACT election. I’m not taking donations and am not connected to any special interest group. If successful, I’ll donate half my salary to local charities. My only interest is in doing what’s best for Belconnen and the ACT.

I believe that Canberra can be one of the most liveable, inclusive and cool little cities in the world. This means more sport and recreation facilities, increased arts funding, and better planning and infrastructure. Fundamentally, it means that Canberrans believe in one another and in our city.

You’ll see me as I embark on a listening and learning tour, riding my bike through every suburb in the Ginninderra electorate.

Say ‘Hello’, check me out on facebook, and why not ‘Go Kimbo’ on 15 October?

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Kimbo’s Election Summary

I’m grateful for and ecstatic about the #GoKimbo2016 vote. It looks like we’ve done the best out of the minor parties and independents throughout Canberra.

Importantly, it looks like we are going to make the public funding threshold of 4% which means that we’ll be giving a big cheque to a local charity. Go Kimbo and Canberra 2016! Here’s a few points outlining what we achieved and how.

We’ve never asked anyone for favours or money.

We had no local politics experience whatsoever, which is why we were not hampered by rules or conventions. Every day was new.

We entirely rejected the sort of scheming, calculating and cowardly politics that relies on fear, ignorance and inertia for votes.

We had a positive, not just protest agenda, with detailed and well-researched policies relating to issues that matter.

Go Kimbo 2016 tried to give people something to think about about, something to smile about and something to believe in.

And after less than two months of joyous effort, around 5 out of 100 people in our electorate put a “1” next to “Kim Huynh”. How good is that?

And how good is this? Look at this picture of the Go Kimbo 2016 campaign team at the stellar election party.

The stupid pose is mine as always. I’m as tired as hell. But look at Ciara O’Brien, Duncan Stuart, Tom Chen, Nicky Lovegrove and Sumithri Venketasubramanian! Look at their eyes and behold their creativity, daring and smarts.

This is the just the start of wildy better things to come. K



Kim Huynh gives back $10,000 in election returns

Canberra Times, 20 October 2016.

Belco’s Batman living true to the Bruce Wayne quote: “It’s not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me.”

ACT Election votes were still being tallied on Thursday while the independent candidate for Ginninderra, Kim Huynh, was delivering on an election promise.

The first-time candidate secured the most votes of any micro-party or independent and won more than five per cent votes cast in his electorate. He was “over the moon” about the result.

Exceeding the 4 per cent threshold with 2,332 first preference votes as of Thursday meant Mr Huynh was eligible to receive $18,656 and pledged to donate half of all his returns to a local charity.

Dressed in the Belco’s Batman cape he campaigned in, he handed a big cheque for $10,000 to Canberra City Care in Charnwood.

Read more.



Media Coverage of the Campaign

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Huffington Post, ‘Kim “Kimbo” Huynh Is Not Your Regular Canberra Politician‘.

Canberra Times, ‘The body politic and Independent candidate for Ginninderra Kim Huynh‘.

Woroni, ‘The Hero that Ginninderra Deserves? ANU Lecturer Announces Bid for ACT Election‘ and ‘Two sides of the same coin‘.

NowUC, ‘Kimbo: the man, the myth, the cyclist‘ and ‘Uniquely Independent: The Go Kimbo 2016 Campaign‘.